Bishop Donald Anthony Wright is a visionary, counselor, best-selling author and dynamic leader. As Senior Pastor of Jabbok International Ministries, his progressive leadership and commitment to the KINGDOM makes him one of the most frequently sought after pastors, globally. His positive influence is continuously impacting the surrounding community, as well as the nation and abroad.

His dual profession as psychologist and full-time clergyman has allowed him to closely examine the behavioral features of the Christian community. Helping Christians to discover, resolve, and release the hidden pain that inhibits spiritual growth, divine worship, and the fulfillment of purpose.  This prescription is building ties across the nation through the anointed relationship of Theology, Ministry, and Psychology. He holds three doctorates in these areas respectively.

Bishop Wright serves as overseer and spiritual covering to a fellowship of churches and ministries across the United States. This fellowship fosters guidance, leadership, and continual pursuit of excellence in ministry for those in need.

Bishop Donald A. Wright has been strategically called for such a time as this, to be instrumental in equipping believers with purpose and to provide insight into the Word of God. His assignment brings enlightenment to people all over the world through the glory and the power of GOD.

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